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“I can’t attend your wedding because…”

Take this as a fair warning that not everyone understands that a wedding is a once in a lifetime event. Some people also tend to forget that someone else’s wedding is not about them and their requests. The comments below are real things that friends and family members have said are their reasons for not attending a wedding.

“Because I don’t like or get on with some of your guests.” (Brother of the Bride)

“It’s too far to travel because I need to let the dog out.”

“I have nothing to wear.”

“We won’t come because we won’t know anyone.” (A family member of the Groom, who knows all the other family members who will be attending)

“Because I have to work.” (Two years in advance)

“We can’t come unless we have transport to get home so we can feed our chickens.”

“I will only come if you let me bring my mom and you pay for our taxi each way.” (The trip is 1.5 hours each way)

“Because your wedding is on a Saturday.”

“I’ll be revising for exams.” (In a year’s time)

“I can’t find someone to look after my dog, and there’s a football game on.”

“We have booked a holiday somewhere else, so we will no longer be attending your wedding.”

“I got drunk and booked a six week holiday to Spain which leaves three days before your wedding.” (Aunt of the bride)

“It’s our 11th wedding anniversary and we always go away that week.” (Sister of the bride)

“I can’t get off work.” (The would-be Best Man who cleans cars for a living)

“I can only come if I can bring my son, because everyone we would leave him with will be at your wedding.” (their son is 17 years old)

“Because I don’t approve of your dress. You should only wear a white dress if you are a virgin.” (Father of the Bride)

“I can’t attend your wedding in July, because I am getting married in July. I don’t have a date yet, but it will be in July.” (Father of the Bride)

“I’m going to be ill.” (2 months in advance)

“It’s my new boyfriend’s daughter’s birthday so I don’t know what she’ll want to do that week.”

“I don’t feel like coming. Something more important may come up.”

“We can’t come because we want to decorate the house.”

“Your wedding is too far away.” (20 minutes from their home)

“I can’t attend because another friend is having a birthday party that day.”

“I don’t like eating in front of other people.”

“I’m going to Disney on Ice.” (Sister of the Bride)

“I can’t come because I have a headache.” (Mother of the Groom, 3 days before the wedding)

“I won’t come because I’m not your Maid of Honour.”

“I can’t come because I will have a fight with someone if I drink. Not drinking isn’t an option, because if there’s free alcohol available, I’m drinking!” (Mother of the Groom)

“I won’t be able to come if you don’t arrange babysitters.”

“I do my washing over the weekends.”

“I need to help my brother move out of his home.” (3 days before the wedding)

“I agreed to work because I forgot your wedding date.” (Father of the Bride)

“We can’t really say if we will be free so far in advance.”

“We don’t like to drive in the dark.” (Aunt and Uncle)

“I just need to make sure I’m not busy that day.” (Parents of the Groom, three weeks before the wedding)

These submissions have been edited for clarity. 

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