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Josh and Dani’s Glee-inspired proposal

Calling all romantics, fans of Glee, and lovers of proposal stories… this one is for you!
Josh really pulled off a creative, romantic and beautiful proposal that will move you to tears. Read the story, check out the photos and look at the video at the end!
These two are #relationshipgoals.
How did you meet?
We met back in 2014 at a friends housewarming party. Josh thought I was weird and I thought he was good looking. A few months later we were both volunteering for an organisation – and it was here that our friendship started to grow. Following that was 3 months of coffee-shop hangouts, adventures and long conversations until eventually, Josh realised he wanted to date me. From the moment we started being friends to the moment we got engaged, it has been nothing short of magical.
Tell us about the proposal!
Prior to the proposal, one of my friends, Tessa, had suggested we do something fun together like making a music video. She and I often do these crazy musical projects together, so it sounded like a very normal suggestion to me. Somehow, she was able to make it seem like I had come up with the details of the plan. We decided Sunday the 9th April would be a good day and that we would film it in Newlands forest. She suggested we make it a super boho video and that I should wear my favourite boho dress and gold earrings.
When the day arrived, I had a brief moment of wondering if this was the day of the proposal. But Josh had shown me an email from his boss saying he had to be at a training event the whole day. So I was careful not to get my expectations high.
When we got to Newlands – with me carrying my ukulele and looking fancy – I decided that it wasn;t the day of the proposal. Tessa spent 45 min filming me and did nothing to warrant suspicion. Meanwhile, while I was singing to a camera in the middle of Newlands Forest, Josh and 18 of our friends were setting up the perfect proposal spot quite high up on the hill, in a clearing of baby pine trees.
Back to Tessa and me. We got to a spot where she found a little path and suggested I walk slowly down the path towards her while she filmed. Oblivious (and intent on being a good music video actress), I walked slowly down the path, staring at the ground. About halfway down, I looked up and saw that I was surrounded by all the polaroid pictures of mine and Josh’s relationship, pegged to the trees and bushes.
That was the moment I realised what was happening. Suddenly, one of my friends emerged from a tree, took my ukulele and helped me over a log, positioning me in the centre of this clearing. There was a beautiful picnic laid out just a few feet away, but before I could think or question where Josh was, all of our closest friends stepped out from behind the trees, in white shirts and jeans, and proceeded to deliver a musical mashup of some of our favourite relationship songs. It was my very own Glee performance, and it was INCREDIBLE.
I was moved to tears and then to laughter as I stood amazed watching these people, most of whom are not singers, doing something they knew I would love to my core.
As the performance ended, Josh walked up behind me singing the final line. I turned around and he delivered a beautiful speech, and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.
I said OF COURSE (!) as our friends started to cheer. Everyone then left and we were alone to have that fantastic picnic and think about what just happened. It was the most perfect day of them all – and the proposal of my dreams!
Was the proposal a surprise? 
Except for my slight inkling in the morning, it was definitely a surprise!
Dani, do you remember what Josh said when he proposed?
He spoke about Jesus and how Jesus had used me to make him a better man, and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life getting to be that for me. It was a beautiful, beautiful proposal.
Josh, do you remember what Dani said when she responded to you?
She said yes. I don’t remember anything else. As soon as I got the confirmation I felt like I was going to pass out. So I don’t remember much else after that.
To see how all of this unfolded, take a look at the incredible proposal video:
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Everything You Need to Know About Engagement Rings

I will never forget the day Glen and I started looking for engagement rings. We went to the mall, knowing absolutely nothing about rings. I didn’t really know what style I wanted, so I was open to trying on anything. We were also really nervous; we cringed at the thought of walking out of a jewellery store and bumping into friends, and we thought the people in the store would judge us. How silly are we?

Once we got over the awkwardness (which was totally in our heads), we sat down and started talking about rings. We soon realized that we knew nothing about what makes an engagement ring special. Hint: it’s not the size of the diamond that counts. So, I thought I’d share some wisdom on the matter, so that when you go ring shopping, you know what you’re looking for!


When it comes to picking out a diamond, there are four things to think of. They are called “The Four Cs”: 

Cut – This is the shape of the diamond when viewed from the top.

Colour – This is the amount of yellowness in the diamond.

Clarity – The small imperfections inside a natural diamond. The fewer visible imperfections, the better the clarity rating.

Carat – A Carat isn’t the size of the diamond, but rather the weight of the diamond. 1 Carat is equal to 0.2 grams.

Here is an infographic to show you a little bit more:



Now that you’ve given some thought to the diamond, it’s time to think about the actual ring. With this, there are three things to consider:

The Metal

There is Platinum, Silver, White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold, which are the more popular choices. Other choices include Palladium, Steel, Titanium, Ceramic and Tungsten.

The Karat

The fineness of gold is measured in Karats. Karats are measured in units of 24, so 18k gold is considered to be 18/24 or 75%. 24k gold is considered to be 100% gold.

The Setting

Your ring’s job is to hold the stone securely, and there are four settings to choose from: Prongs, Bezel, Channel and Pave (Pa Vay).

To see this in a little more detail, take a look at the infographic:


Make sure you’re getting your girl the correct ring size with these sneaky tips:

  1. Find an existing ring of hers and measure it (make sure it’s a ring she wears on her ring finger; it’s the second finger on her left hand).
  2. Ask one of her close friends if she knows the size.
  3. Pretend to buy a ring for your mother or sister and ask your girl to help you out. Better yet, phone the jeweller ahead of time and get them to sneakily measure her finger.

For a more detailed look at how the sizes work, here is a helpful infographic from Galaxy and Co.

Looking for some wedding planning help from the pros? I’ve created Wedding Planning Starter Kit to help demystify wedding planning for you and I’ve crammed it with tons of tips and tricks. It’s going to save you tons of time and money.

For more information, click right here. 


Kevin and Cara

Kevin and Cara's proposal story

  1. How did you meet?

If you ask Kevin, he’ll say “we met at a braai”… but if you ask Cara, she’ll more likely say “through a mutual friend”. In fact, both are true. A friend of ours decided during one summer holiday to organise a get-together where the people he knew from all different churches could meet and get to know each other. A few of us got on particularly well and after that first braai we ended up spending the next 4 days in a row together. That set the stage for Kevin asking Cara to go for a walk in Kirstenbosch together…and the rest is history!

Kevin & Cara_print009

  1. How did you get engaged? 

The proposal story started long before the actual proposal day. We had been speaking about getting engaged for quite a while but Kevin wanted to make the actual day a surprise. So from the beginning of the year he began taking me (Cara) on ‘special dates’ every weekend. Each one was masterfully put together and many of them involved reliving some of our very first dates and memorable moments. We visited markets, watched sunsets from many viewpoints, played putt-putt together and went out to fancy restaurants. When it came up to Valentine’s Day, Kevin told me that instead of a simple Valentine’s Day, he wanted to do a whole Valentine’s weekend, with a date on each day. For the Saturday he suggested that we go for a catamaran cruise from the waterfront, which we had previously spoken about. I was having a photoshoot with my family in the morning, so he picked me up after I got back home (with my hair and nails all nicely done, what a coincidence!). He first took me to the Castle in town, which I was very excited about since I’ve never been inside before. But instead of going on a tour inside it turned out that he had booked a horse and carriage ride going all over town! What an incredible experience. The horse was so beautiful and we were shown all the historical features of Cape Town at the pace of a horse walk; who knew that there were so many wonderful things to see?!

For the next leg of our date we headed south, which was strange since we were supposed to be ending up at the waterfront. Kevin said that the cruise was later than usual and we were doing a little detour first. Halfway to our destination he pulled over on the side of the M3 and blindfolded me. Surprisingly, this still didn’t arouse my suspicions, since he had blindfolded me before and I knew that we had been reliving a few of our early dates. We headed to the greenbelt just below Kirstenbosch Gardens and after a little wait in the car (for Kevin to check that our families had finished setting up the area) we set out along the trail with him guiding me. At one point he even carried me over a stream! A few hundred meters before our destination he took the blindfold off. I commented “Wow, I wonder why there are so many petals on the ground here!” (can you get more thick?!). When we reached a beautifully laid out and decorated picnic, I finally clicked. Kevin gave a speech and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes!! We then had a lovely picnic during which he also sang a lovely song to me about walking down the aisle. To finish the day we headed to Groot Constantia to have supper with both of our families and celebrate. The best way to end the best day!

  1. Was the proposal a surprise?

It was! After all the expectation and many weeks of Kevin joking, “it could be today, you never know!” I (Cara) actually had no idea when it actually happened. Luckily I seem to be very trusting and didn’t suspect a thing!

Kevin & Cara_print031

4. Cara, do you remember what Kevin said to you when he proposed?

He gave a whole rehearsed speech! It was amazing and so heartfelt. I can’t say that I managed to retain every word in such an overwhelming moment, but I do remember him saying that although it may sound cheesy, I make him want to be a better man. How perfect can you get?!

Kevin & Cara_print051

  1. Kevin, do you remember what Cara said to you when you asked?

Cara had waited so patiently to hear my whole speech. When I finally asked her to marry me, she said “YES!” By this stage I was shaking so much from the nerves, but I managed to put the ring on her finger. After it was on her hand she had a moment to admire it, I was so glad that she loved it! I was so excited that I’d managed to keep it all a surprise.

Kevin & Cara_print115

  1. Tell us about the theme of your engagement shoot photos. What made you decide to use your home as the backdrop?

We wanted our engagement photos to be personal and reflect who we are as a couple. We decided to choose some of the things we love doing together in our everyday lives and mould the shoot around those. After a year of negotiating a long distance relationship, one of the sweetest parts of being in the same city has been being able to do the simple things together, like cooking a meal. So that is how we started our photoshoot, in Kevin’s family kitchen. We then migrated to Kevin’s music studio to the exact spot where we first spoke about starting a relationship, after a jamming session on our guitars. So we brought out our guitars to recapture our humble beginnings. A top activity on our list is going for walks in nature; forests, beaches and mountains are our favourites. So for the last bit of our shoot we headed to the beach to have a little stroll and explore some caves overlooking the bay. What a fun day! We would not have done it any other way.

Kevin & Cara_print087.jpg

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All engagement shoot photos by Illuminate Photography

Kevin & Cara_print237

Kevin & Cara_print211

How To Plan Your Engagement Shoot

Engagement photo shoots have been around for a few years now and they are really popular with newly engaged couples. Originally, engagement shoot photos were used to announce an engagement in the newspaper, but with social media being the platform for announcements, engagement shoots have a whole lot of other benefits:

  1. You get to have some formal photos with your new fiance.
  2. You both have an opportunity to become more comfortable in front of the camera, resulting in better photos taken on your wedding day.
  3. You can incorporate your engagement shoot photos into your wedding stationary and decor.

There are plenty of good reasons to plan an engagement shoot and today’s blog post will let you in on some secrets so that you can plan an engagement shoot that is very YOU! Along the way I’ll share some behind the scenes photos from an engagement shoot that Kurt and Nicole won via a competition on my blog! The professional photos can be found here and they were taken by the lovely Welmie of GLOSS photography.


Step 1: Choose Your Location

The backdrop to your engagement photos should be something interesting and fun. If you live in Cape Town, you have plenty of gorgeous backdrops to choose from – the beach, the mountain, the forest and so much more! Choose a location with various backdrops to keep things interesting and to provide a variety of photos.


Step 2: Pick An Activity

There are only so many “smile at the camera” and “kiss him on the cheek” photos you can pose for. So, pick an activity to keep things fun. Play a game together, take your dog for a walk or drink some coffee.


Step 3: Consider Your Hair & Makeup

You want to look good, so make an effort to do your hair and makeup. Or, better yet, get a professional involved if you can. For this engagement shoot we got Shelley from Love Make Up to make Nicole look beautiful.


Step 4: Select Your Outfits

For an engagement shoot what you really want to do is wear complimentary outfits that go together but aren’t too matchy. You should consider neutral colours, and avoid large logos and anything super stylish that will date your photos in years to come.


Step 5: Bring Along Some Props

To spice things up a bit why not bring along some fun props? Chalkboards with cute messages on them, something pretty to display your new engagement ring, or maybe you’ll be lucky and stumble upon a gorgeous vintage car like this one:


Whatever you end up choosing to do, make sure it’s fun and it’s something you love! If you have any questions about engagement shoots and props ideas, leave them in the comments section and Welmie and I will offer our best advice to you!

Kurt and Nicole’s Kalk Bay Engagement Shoot

A little while ago, I ran a competition along with two great friends [Welmie from GLOSS photography and Shelley from Love Make Up] where we gave away an engagement shoot to one lucky couple. Last weekend we had the shoot and it was awesome. We walked around Kalk Bay and had a lot of fun amongst the quirky restaurants and shops.

Photos by GLOSS photography

Make up by Love Make Up

Kurt + Nicole Engagement_31.01.16_02Kurt + Nicole Engagement_31.01.16_03Kurt + Nicole Engagement_31.01.16_04Kurt + Nicole Engagement_31.01.16_05Kurt + Nicole Engagement_31.01.16_07Kurt + Nicole Engagement_31.01.16_09Kurt + Nicole Engagement_31.01.16_15Kurt + Nicole Engagement_31.01.16_17Kurt + Nicole Engagement_31.01.16_18Kurt + Nicole Engagement_31.01.16_23

The Eiffel Tower Proposal [Chris and Jessica]

They say Paris is the City Of Love, so what better spot to pop the question than the magnificent Eiffel Tower in the heart of Paris? That’s exactly what Chris thought when he planned on proposing to his lovely girlfriend Jessica. Take a look at their romantic story and the photos that Chris’s brother and sister in law were able to capture!


My Fiancé, his Brother & Sister in law and I all took a 2 week trip to Europe. Starting in London, then to Paris..
Spent 3 amazing days in Paris.. On the last night we all got dressed up to go for supper and climb the Eiffel Tower.
When we got to the top Chris (my fiancé to be) asked his brother to take our picture.. Both he and his sister in law were actually videoing.
Chris tapped me on the shoulder and said ” I got you a gift, but it comes with a question..” Then he knelt down and asked me to marry him. I was in shock and starting crying some very happy tears. I barely whispered the word yes because I was overwhelmed with joy.
Best day of my life. AND I love that I have it on film!
The rest of the trip was so magical… I’m so lucky to have such a storybook proposal!!

image2 image3

Chris proposed to Jessica with a simple stand in ring (pictured above), with the intention of creating a custom engagement ring with Jessica’s help. Her “real” engagement ring has a diamond in the centre with their birthstones on either side and more diamonds along the sides. Jessica’s birthstone is Amethyst and his is Sapphire, and these two birthstones combined will make a lovely heirloom for their future children and grandchildren, which is exactly what Chris has in mind!


Now that’s one way to make a girl’s heart melt!

image6 image8

How beautiful are Chris and Jessica's three bengal cats?
How beautiful are Chris and Jessica’s three bengal cats?

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The Surprise Proposal With A Professional Photographer [Kevin and Esmeralda]

I always say I am a sucker for a good proposal story and this one is a real tear jerker! The groom involved the bride’s family in his surprise proposal, along with memories they had shared together, and he even got the proposal photographed!

Couple photos (1)

He arrived back from oversees in December 2014 and the day before he proposed we had a family braai. Not knowing behind my back he was prepping everybody for the big day. I’ve always been a person wanting to share it with family (he listened well) so he told me we’re going to have lunch with family.

So the morning of the proposal we all get done and that specific morning everyone was bothered about their attire..finding it weird I didnt even pick up on anything.

So off we went to the V&A Waterfront and as we arrived inside his sister comes walking towards me with a rose saying some guy gave her this rose saying she is beautiful. Buying it, haha, I soon realised all the family dissappeared around me and my mom handed me the first envelope….

Engagement 1 (1)Inside the envelope it had laminated paper with our photo in the background and a story of how we first met starting with “ur probably wondering what is going on but today we going to play a little game” and boom i’m in tears. Followed by our story it ended with a question of where we first met. If I had it correct I got a rose.

Still not wanting to believe it might happen, my mom said I need to meet someone at the Christmas tree outside. There stood his mother with another envelope and another story of our first roadtrip and ending with a question of where it was.. Got another rose..

Then I had to meet my parents best friends, which is like a second mother and father to me, at the statues with a story of our second roadtrip and a question of where it was the second year of us just being friends. Got another rose.

Lastly had to meet all the friends and rest of family at the Aquarium with the last envelope and story of how he fell in love with me and a question of what date he asked me out.Engagement 2After an awesome amazing race and trip down memory lane there he was standing on the little boat jetty close to the Aquarium restaurant with the rest of the bunch of roses and very nervously said “well done you are the first to arrive “.

Engagement 3I was so overwhelmed with emotions. So as he goes along with a beautiful speech shivering in his voice and all I end up remembering is him on one knee everybody around us clapping hands and him saying “Sal jy my die eer doen en met my te trou en my te vrou wees?

He is english so was gobsmacked with him saying that!

Engagement (5

Engagement 4

Engagement 6

Have a look at the ring! When the couple first started talking about getting married, Esmeralda dropped hints and even drew a picture of the sort of ring she likes. So Kelvin got the ring designed and made just for her.

Engagement 7

Couple photos (2)

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The Beach Buggy Proposal [Jason and Sarah]

A few days ago I asked the Lovely Pretty readers to share their proposal story. I had the pleasure of reading through tons of romantic stories that are full of love, happiness and laughter. The first one I would love to share is Sarah and Jason’s story which took place in my home town, Cape Town and features photo memories, all sorts of adventures around Cape Town and a ring that will knock your socks off!


We met at a friend’s gathering before heading out to a party. We didn’t think much of each other at the time. Then a couple of week later, another friend of mine (who studies with him) needed a lift to my house. He agreed only on one condition: if he could come in and have a cup of coffee. I thought it was rather strange that someone I’d only met once before was inviting himself into my house but I’m glad he did. From that little coffee meeting we realised we had loads in common. And we have never stopped talking since. That was April 2013.


My fiance rented an old convertable beach buggy and drove me around the whole of cape town. We watched the view from Table Mountain and then drove along the coast up Chapman’s peak. He printed all the pictures we’d taken together in the two years we’ve been together and we re-enacted them because he wanted to make new memories. Then as the sun went down and we were watching the sea, I started walking back to the car when he called me. I turned around and he was on one knee.”



When asked what Jason said when he proposed, Sarah admits that it was all a crazy blur! “I was just so shocked and happy my mind was buzzing with a million different thoughts. But i do vaguely remember him saying something along the line “from the moment I met you I knew I knew that we were meant to be together. Will you marry me?” – but obviously there was a lot more than that!”.



Take a look at the gorgeous ring that Jason picked out. Sarah has a particular style and everyone who knows her has commented on how well Jason nailed it when he chose the ring!


The happy couple have an exciting adventure ahead of them and it all begins with the wedding in January and plans to move to Ireland shortly afterwards.


Want to share your own proposal story on Lovely Pretty? Email kellyjanehartmann@gmail.com.

How Glen Planned The Proposal

Last week, I blogged about how Glen proposed and all the amazing ways we celebrated our engagement. He put in a lot of effort (as most men do) so I thought it would be fitting for him to share his side of the story. He bought the ring without me knowing, he asked my parents’ permission to marry me without me knowing, and his attempts to surprise me almost failed a few times but he succeeded! Here is Glen’s story:


The ring

Kelly and I went to various ring shops together. We decided it would be nice to know what she liked before I bought the ring. Of course she would still be eventually surprised though!! The first time we went into a jewelry store, I felt so awkward because I have never done something like that before! I felt like I would be judged by the shop owners. My head felt light and I felt nervous. I was also dreading seeing someone I knew while looking for rings. This was not because I was not ready to be looking for rings or to get engaged to Kelly, but because this was the first time we had ever done something like this! I didn’t know what the protocol was for such things! I remember being invited to sit down at the jewelry store for the first time and freaking out so much that I started to over heat and had to take some of my warmer clothes off.

Anyway, after looking at a couple of stores, we eventually found a ring that beat all other rings for Kelly, although the diamond was not quite the best. So we left the store happy that our search was probably complete.

And that was the last time Kelly knew anything about anything that was happening (haha). Kelly went up to Joburg one weekend and while she was away, I went with a friend to the jewelry store that had the ring Kelly had chosen. I spoke to the shop assistant, asked about the ring, and he showed me. The one thing I wanted to change was the diamond. I asked him whether he had a better diamond. He said they had two diamonds. Of those two diamonds, the better diamond was the only one in the store and it was only a small amount more expensive than the other diamond. He also said they had only one band left exactly like the one we had chosen that could fit the diamond.

His words to me were, “its almost like it was meant to be.” All these factors worked out perfectly to give exactly what I was looking for. The perfect diamond, the exact band we wanted that could also contain the diamond. All within my price range. Had any of these factors not been right, I would have had to wait weeks for the ring to be created. But everything was just right at the right time. So God.

A few days later I went to collect the ring, unbeknownst to Kelly! It always gave me satisfaction when she said, “I know you, you will buy the ring and propose to me on the day you buy it because you could never keep that a secret from me.” Well, I guess I proved her wrong. She even told all her friends that she could never be surprised. I smiled smugly inside myself. I think the conviction that she could read me so easily actually worked in my favour by making her oblivious to the fact that I actually had the ring right under her nose!!

Asking her parents

The next step was to ask her parents for permission. On the drive there I was nervous but excited. But as the drive continued, I started getting more nervous and less excited. I started considering all the potential questions her parents would grill me with and started composing eloquent answers concerning the reasons for wanting to marry their daughter. I prepared myself hard for this question and answer session. When I got there, I sat down and said to Kelly’s parents, “I would like to ask for your permission to marry your daughter” (I had even rehearsed the best way of saying that line!!). No sooner had the words left my lips had Kelly’s dad said, “Yes”. I was actually quite taken aback. I didn’t know what to say! I expected them to say yes, but thought I would need to say a few things myself. I wanted to tell them how much Kelly means to me, the whole thing. They then went on to say some nice stuff about me, but I was determined to say some of the stuff I had planned to say!! So I told them how special Kelly was to me. And they really did appreciate it. And they were super happy to say yes! I left feeling happy!


Planning the proposal

The planning of the proposal went fairly quickly. Perhaps that was because in my mind I had subconsciously been planning things each time I thought about being engaged to Kelly over the preceding months. I bounced a couple of ideas off my parents and they gave me some sound advice as well! I wanted every aspect of the proposal day to be meaningful. Every place we would go needed to have some special meaning to us. The things we did needed to be unique in reflecting Kelly’s character. I wanted to show her that I had taken note of what she loved and wanted to give her a day of doing stuff that was truly special to her. I decided that I needed to incorporate games into every location because if you know Kelly you would have probably heard her say at some point, “Ah lets play a game!”. I wanted most of the day to be spent just with the two of us as this was significant of the journey we were about to embark upon. But I also wanted to include people who were close to her. Thus, although most of the day was just the two of us, it ended with a surprise supper with her family and drinks with a few friends. This way, she got to share the joy with some amazing people.


How the surprise factor almost failed

Along the way I faced a couple of hiccups! There were moments when Kelly almost found out. One time I told Kelly she could get something from a drawer that was right by the place where I was hiding the ring! Way too close!!

Another time, A friend decided to spam message me about how excited he was (albeit inconspicuously) for the coming weekend. I was not by my phone but Kelly was. I got irritated and asked her who the messages were from. She told me. And when I read them later, I got the fright of my life because if Kelly saw them she might have become suspicious! Thankfully she didn’t read the messages.

On the day, I messaged my parents that we were on our way (they helped set things up for me). However we took shorter than they expected to get to the proposal location. When we got there, my parents had not left yet!! I freaked out and braked in the middle of the road! I disgruntled all the cars behind me haha! I tried to guide Kelly’s vision elsewhere, not in the direction of the red car that was my parents’. My parents raced off thankfully very quickly. During this time Kelly had been messaging our friend about directions to get to this place (all part of the ruse!). Because of this, she had actually not even lifted her head and thus did not even see my parents’ car at all! She never even knew what was coming! That was God diverting her vision. And the rest, was you will have read, was the proposal day!


My Proposal Story

On Saturday, my incredible boyfriend asked me to marry him! It was my favourite day so far and he did an impeccable job of surprising me, not just with the proposal, but with the celebrations that took place afterwards.

In light of the fact that I am a wedding co-ordinator, I thought it would be fun to blog about the planning process and all that it entails. I hope that as I put our wedding together, it will help you to plan yours! Of course, the best way to start is to share our amazing proposal story. Out of all the proposal stories I know, ours is my favourite!


For me, our story began on Tuesday last week. Glen casually mentioned that our friends Justin and Amy would like to hangout. Since we hadn’t seen them in a few weeks, I was super keen and immediately agreed. Glen suggested Saturday, because “Justin was free” and we set the date. We went back and forth, trying to decide what time we should have the picnic, partly because I forgot I had arranged some meetings with other brides. Eventually we settled on Saturday at 9am for a breakfast picnic at Cosy Bay, a beautiful private beach.

On Friday afternoon, Glen and I went shopping for our picnic food and we picked out all our favourite things. Again, this was very casual and I didn’t suspect anything. Justin had also SMSed me to ask for directions to the venue, which threw me off completely.

On Saturday morning, we woke up, got ready and headed off to Cosy Bay for our picnic. As we were approaching, I was SMSing Justin to give him more specific information about what the entrance to the beach looked like. While SMSing, I didn’t see that Glen’s parents were standing in the parking lot. This was not going according to Glen’s plan, so he slowed down in the middle of the road and tried to throw me off by stopping on the side of the road. Luckily for him, I didn’t see his parents, so once they sped off, we parked in the parking lot and made our way down to the beach.

We arrived before Justin and Amy, as I expected, because Justin is usually late (sorry Justin, you know it’s true!) and decided to pick a spot. We walked towards a rock and Glen put the picnic basket down. As he did that, I turned to my left and saw a beautiful message and pink rose. The message was written in little Bananagrams tiles (which is a game we love to play together) and my favourite colour is pink, so I was pretty sure this was for me, but I wasn’t convinced. I spent what felt like a full minute staring as this beautiful message, wondering if I should be happy or if this was actually left for someone else. I turned around and Glen was down on one knee with a gorgeous ring in his hands. He said some amazing things to me about what I mean to him and then he said “Will you marry me?” to which I responded “YES!”

Glen then explained that the pink rose represents our first year together and that he has arranged a little game for me, knowing that I love games. He had arranged for four other pink roses to be hidden on the beach, each rose representing a year of our relationship. The game was for me to find the roses, and as I did that, we spent time reminiscing about the years we have spent together.


We took a few photos together and sat down on our picnic blanket. I was convinced that our proposal was now finished and that we would celebrate a bit and then go on with our day. Glen had decided to plan a whole lot more for me and it all began with us escaping the rain and going out for breakfast in Camp’s Bay. We arrived at the restaurant, which had a beautiful view of the beach, and were congratulated by the staff as we walked in (they knew about our engagement before I did!). On our table was a lovely vase with another pink rose in it. Glen explained that this rose represents the rest of our lives that we will spend together.

After breakfast, Glen took me to the place we like to go for walks. As we were driving there he explained that the route he was taking was the most beautiful one and that it was only surpassed by my beauty. How awesome! As we arrived at our spot, it was raining lightly so Glen gave me the option of waiting or going for a walk, so we decided to walk anyway and it was beautiful. His game of choice was Uno which we played on a bench near some Jasmine (which Glen loves).


Next, Glen drove me to one of our favourite picnic spots. He again explained that the route is beautiful but only surpassed by my beauty and that the spot itself holds many memories for us. We love Chapman’s Peak, because there is the most incredible view of the sea and the mountains so we had lunch looking at the view. Glen’s game of choice was Trumps, one of our favourite card games.


By this point, I was sure that our celebrations were over, but Glen had much more in store for me! On our way to our next location, Glen gave me a clue: “This next spot is where we hungout alone for the first time”. Noordhoek beach! We went for a long walk on the beach and chatted, just like we did almost five years ago. There is a spot on the beach that has a lot of rocks so Glen decided to play his version of “Hide and Seek”. He had a King of Hearts (representing him) and a Queen of Hearts (representing me), because he is a King and I’m his Queen, hearts represent love, and his surname is Hartmann (hehe). He hid these cards among the rocks and the game was for me to find them! I decided to change the game a bit so once I found the cards I hid them again so he could find them too!


After our long walk on the beach, we got back into the car and headed back towards Glen’s house to “freshen up” for the next activity. By now it was 4:30pm so we had to wear clothes that were a little nicer than the sandy, rainy ones we had on. So, we got changed, had a bit of hot chocolate, caught up on Facebook notifications (I think we broke Facebook) and then headed towards our next destination, this time supper was included. The clue I got was that this place is our “go to” place for celebrations. I immediately knew it was the V & A Waterfront! We arrived and wondered around a bit and played our next game: a game that we invented a couple of months ago while roadtripping around South Africa. We call it the “Friends” game and it entails knowing a lot about the TV show Friends and guessing things about the show. I love it and Glen has come to know so much about the show that the game is fun! After playing that while walking around together, we arrived at a restaurant and were greeted by his parents, my parents, and his sister and her husband. What a lovely surprise!


We had an amazing dinner at Balducci’s and we got to share our story with our family! Once we had finished our dessert, Glen looked at me and said “Ok, let’s go! I have another surprise”. With no idea what was happening or where we were going, we got into the car and headed in the direction of Glen’s next surprise. Towards the end of the journey he asked me to close my eyes. We arrived and once I opened my eyes I saw we were at Peddlars! We often go there to celebrate birthdays and other things with our friends so I was so excited to walk inside and see a group of our friends waiting for us!


Being a wedding co-ordinator and the one that naturally does the planning and admin things in our relationship, it was such a treat having someone plan an entire day of surprises and celebrations for me! My favourite thing about the day was that Glen proposed at the beginning of the day and then we celebrated as an engaged couple. He caught me off guard about 20 times throughout the day and it was such a special experience for both of us!


I keep looking at my ring and remembering that the man of my dreams took the time to plan a special day for me, he saved up his hard earned money to buy me the most beautiful piece of jewellery I will ever own, and he demonstrated his love for me by treating me like a princess!