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Today We’re Talking About Bridesmaids’ Makeup [Featuring Le’Chelle Taylor]

You might not know this, but I have a brand new YouTube channel which is for wedding planning tutorials and fun things like today’s video.

I don’t know much about makeup, so it as an absolute treat to have Le’Chelle – a makeup expert and YouTuber – do my makeup. While she was making me look good, we chatted about makeup, my experiences of bridesmaids’ makeup, as well as the differences between bridesmaids’ makeup and bridal makeup.

If you are a bridesmaid and you’ve got to do your own makeup, here are some tips I picked up from Le’Chelle:

1. Prep your face

In general, make sure you are cleaning your face and using face cream. Since filming this video, I’ve been applying face cream every night and being very intentional about looking after my skin. If your skin is dry and not well looked after, makeup isn’t going to change that.

2. Foundation

I always see people testing foundation on their hands, which has always seemed odd to me. Le’Chelle showed me how to test my foundation on my jawline to make sure it’s the right colour for my face. She’s also given me permission to use my fingers when applying it! No need for fancy brushes (yet)!

3. Fill in those brows

Remember in the 2000s when every high school girl plucked her eyebrows to smithereens? I was one of them, and I am now growing out my eyebrows so they are fuller and more natural looking. In the meantime, a brow pencil is my new best friend.

4. Keep your eyeshadow neutral

This is one of the things that sets the bride apart from everyone else in terms of makeup. The bride is the one who gets to wear sparkly eyeshadow that makes her eyes pop. As for the bridesmaids, neutral and natural is always better and safer. You want to emphasize your already beautiful features and not go too heavy on the eye makeup.

5. You don’t need eyeliner

Le’Chelle taught me another useful trick – to keep your makeup from looking too harsh, use eyeshadow on the lash line instead of eyeliner. This also comes in handy for people like me who end up smudging eyeliner all over the place, because we don’t buy the fancy stuff.

6. Tame those lashes

Le’Chelle first used an eyelash curler on me – which felt super weird – and then mascara. This made my eyelashes look dark and long, but they were also sitting in the right place.

7. No contouring please

Remember we’re keeping things natural over here, so focus on bronzer. Le’Chelle applied some to my cheek bones and added some warmth and colour to my face.

8. Your lips should be natural too

Le’Chelle applied a very natural pink colour to my lips, right over the lipbalm I applied at the very beginning. Unless the bride asks you to wear something bright, rather opt for natural colours like light pinks.

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