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How We Had the Best Getting-Ready Experience on Our Wedding Day

When I pictured the morning of my wedding day, there were a few things that came to mind: tea, champagne, laughter, snacks and no rigid timeline. With nine bridesmaids and plenty of helping hands coming in and out, I was surprised to have the exact getting-ready experience that I wanted. And this is how we did it…

All photos by Love Made Visible

We had a plan

You know what they say: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

A relaxing morning doesn’t just happen. It takes even just a little bit of planning. Coordinating a huge group of girls is quite a task and it helped a lot that my girls were so flexible.

A couple of weeks before my wedding, I contacted all my girls to let them know a few things:

  1. What time to be at my house.
  2. Which girls should be dropped off and who should keep their car around and become a driver for the day (this involved a lot of coordinating and flexibility).
  3. What to bring. In this case: lunch, snacks, nailpolish, makeup, hair products and extra mirrors.

We didn’t hire professional help for the entire bridal party

There are a few reasons we didn’t hire professional hair and make up artists for all the bridesmaids:

  1. There were nine bridesmaids, so it would end up being quite pricey.
  2. We simply didn’t have time for each bridesmaid to get her make up and hair done one at a time.
  3. My girls are pretty great at doing hair and make up already.

This strategy really helped us to have a relaxing morning. I painted my own nails on the day, while we all sat around and ate snacks.

My makeup was done by one of my bridesmaids and then a lovely friend, Nicole, came over to do my hair.


While this was going down, the girls were all helping each other get ready. Having nine girls get ready at once takes a lot less time than having each girl get ready one at a time, even with the help of a professional.

This was something that worked well for us, and I am by no means saying that a professional hair and make up artist isn’t worth the money. Believe me, if you have the time and money to do it, then please do!


I had some time to get ready alone

The one thing I worried about was being surrounded by people 24/7 and perhaps feeling a little rushed and flustered. We made sure there was plenty of time to get ready, and I slipped away and got dressed in my room, with the help of my mom.


While I was getting ready, the girls were putting final touches to their outfits.


Then, everyone gathered in the lounge for the “big reveal” photo…


That gave me the perfect moment to hand out some pretty gifts to my girls. I specifically told them all not to buy their own earrings and I gave them each a pair of pretty gold leaf earrings that fit into our wedding theme. The rest of the gift included a personal note for each girl and a pack of bridesmaid essentials (mints, bobby pins, pain killers and that sort of thing).


Around about the time that this photo was taken (below) was when the nerves kicked in and I started to realise I’d be walking down the aisle towards my groom and in front of everyone we know and love…


Want to see what the boys got up to on the morning of our wedding? Their morning was less planned out (not having to put on make up will allow for more flexibility) but still relaxing, like we wanted.


Glen also had a little something for his friends, and he received a little something from me too…


Glen’s mom made all the bouquets and button holes and I couldn’t leave this photo out of our getting-ready story:


Just take a look at the best looking bridal party ever!

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