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How to be more organized

Something I love is to be organized. I have calendars, lists and routines, and being organized is something I am pretty good at. When I don’t have my diary with me, I feel like I don’t know what’s happening and when my house is a mess I feel like my mind is a mess too. So, being organized is quite important to me, because it helps me to be productive and get things done. If you are trying to become more organized, there are a few simple things you can do to set up a routine that gets you in a “productive mode”. I hope today’s blog post helps you do just that!


Create a morning routine

The way you start your day will determine how productive and organized you are throughout the day. By creating a routine, you are less likely to rush out the door with an empty stomach and a forgotten pile of important documents left on the kitchen table. So start getting into a routine that works for you. Eat a healthy breakfast, spend a bit of time reading, praying or exercising, and give yourself enough time to get ready for the day. You are now ready to begin your day with a clear mind.

Become a list person

I have a daily diary that includes my appointments and to-do lists. There are also really great online tools and list apps. Find a method that works for you and use your app, diary or notebook to keep track of important tasks.

Here are a few benefits of list making:

– You’ll feel less stressed and overwhelmed

– You’ll create order

– You can manage priorities

– Your list keeps you accountable

– You’ll be more productive

– You’ll be more consistent

– Your levels of motivation will increase

Create a filing system

This can be an online system, like Google Drive or DropBox, or a series of hard copies of documents, filed in your home office, or a combination. The point is to keep track of important documents (your ID, marriage certificate, university degrees, bills, receipts, tax forms, and so on) so that you don’t spend hours sorting through piles of paper.

Each day or week, set aside a few minutes to file away papers and throw away anything you don’t need to store.

Give everything a home

Cleaning and tidying will be much quicker and easier if everything in your home, office and handbag has a place. If you see something that doesn’t have a home, either create one or throw it away. This is the best way to avoid a cluttered, disorganized mess, or hours of unnecessary searching.

Set goals and deadlines

Nothing makes me feel more organized than knowing I am working towards a specific goal. Whether you are wanting to lose weight, write a book, start a business or plan a dinner party, there are big goals and smaller goals to be achieved. Keep track of your goals and give yourself a deadline. You’ll feel more motivated and will be less likely to procrastinate.

Declutter your mind and your homeĀ 

Clutter isn’t good for your space or your mind. Get rid of paper clutter by using your filing system, put things away in their homes, and write things down so that your mind is decluttered too.

Create an evening routine

Pack your bag for the next day, set out your outfit for work, pack a gym bag, get your healthy lunch ready and make sure your morning stress is minimized. Write out tomorrow’s to-do list and spend time reading or praying before you go to bed. Make sure you get an hour of “no screen time” before you go to bed so you sleep better.

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