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A Newlywed Checklist Of Things To Do After The Wedding

You are now married and probably really excited that you don’t have to do anymore wedding planning! No more wedding planning stress.

There are still a few things you need to do now that you are officially a Mrs, and the sooner you do them, the better. I’ve created a checklist of things to keep in mind now that you’re married, so get started.



Within six months of your wedding, you should have your wedding dress dry cleaned, preferably with a company that specializes in wedding dresses. Store your dress in a box and keep it in a cool, dry place.

If you are planning on selling your dress, get it dry cleaned and then sell it as soon as you can.


Changing your surname? Do that within 90 days of getting married and make sure your marriage is registered at Home Affairs before standing in a long queue all morning.

Don’t forget to change your surname on your ID, passport, driver’s license and at the bank.

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Don’t forget to thank all your guests for their wedding gifts and for celebrating with you! This is something that should be done within two months of your wedding day.

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It’s pretty normal to receive duplicates of things you put on your wedding registry, and it’s also normal to receive all the things you don’t really need, while having no towels or dinner plates. So, don’t waste time in returning things.

There may be specific returns policies at different stores, so try to do this within two months of your wedding day.


Remember that marriage contract and marriage certificate you signed? Get copies of each and file them away in a safe place.

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