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Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide

It’s the last week of August, which means Spring cleaning is just around the corner. Before I got married Spring cleaning was easy. I only had a bedroom and a shared car to clean, so I could take care of that within a couple of days. Now that I’ve got a husband, a home, my own office and a car, there are many more things to clean and organize.

Your ultimate spring cleaning guide

So, I’ve created a Spring cleaning calendar which will spread all my cleaning tasks across the month, making it all so much less overwhelming. If you’d prefer to do your Spring cleaning in a few days, go for it, but doing a little bit each day works better for some.

You can get your own free download of this pretty pink Spring cleaning calendar¬†>> right here <<, along with other printables [my personal favourite is the weekly planner I’ve got stuck on my fridge]. Print your calendar, stick it on your fridge and use it to keep track of your Spring cleaning tasks.

Spring Cleaning Calendar blog graphic

So, now that you’ve got your calendar, here are a few ideas of more detailed cleaning jobs you could do in each room of the house:


  • Mattresses
  • Pillows
  • Sheets
  • Clear out closet and donate clothes
  • Clean makeup and hair brushes
  • Dust nightstands, bedside tables, lamps and other surfaces

Lounge and office

  • Clean or vacuum floors under furniture
  • Dust and vacuum corners and ceilings
  • Dust all surfaces (including bookshelves, ceiling fans and light fixtures)
  • Vacuum carpets and mats
  • Organize books and magazines
  • Organize and sort through all paper clutter and digital files
  • Dust the tops of all frames and wall hangings
  • Dust any indoor plants


  • Deep clean your oven
  • Clean out your fridge
  • Clean and sanitize all cutting boards
  • Clean the floor
  • Wipe down microwave, stovetop, cupboards and fridge
  • Indoor bins
  • Clean out the washing machine
  • Scrub your knife block
  • Clean the space under the fridge, oven and microwave
  • Put your sponges in the dishwasher to clean them out
  • The top of the fridge


  • Clean out drawers and medicine cabinet
  • Wash bath mats
  • Clean all surfaces
  • Clean toilet brush and disinfect toilet
  • Clean and swap bath towels
  • Clean the floor
  • Wipe down the mirror
  • Clean the shower and shower curtain
  • Clean and disinfect the bins
  • Clean out the toothbrush holder and soap dish




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