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Date ideas for newlyweds

As a married couple, or any couple for that matter, it is easy to get caught up in the rush of day-to-day living. This often results in less time really connecting with your loved one. Many couples therefore make the conscious effort to have a date night/day at least once a month where they set aside intentional time together. I fully support this idea. I mean what girl would turn down a date night?Date ideas for newlywedsA date also doesn’t have to be a costly endeavour, but being the foodie I am, the perfect date-night should always include food 😉 So your next date is around the corner and we’ve put together a list of date ideas in Cape Town that don’t break the bank:

1. Sunset Sundowners

– Pack a picnic basket with wine or your beverage of choice and crudités or snacks and head down to the beach or your favourite look out spot and enjoy each other’s company while watching the sunset.

2. Stay in and create a floor bed in the lounge and watch your favourite movies with popcorn and hot drinks.

3. Embrace the outdoors and go for a hike in one of Cape Town’s many beautiful forests and don’t forget those snacks 😉

4. Go play putt putt on the promenade followed by a stroll with an ice-cream in hand.

5. Enjoy one of Cape Town’s wonderful restaurants. Check out this awesome post by Relish when looking for somewhere new to eat in Cape Town.

6. Start a hobby with your partner that you can enjoy together e.g. cycling, pottery or golf.

If you are a fan of food, you should take a look at The Relish Blog for healthy recipes, snack ideas, and lists of awesome places to eat out!

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