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The art of choosing bridesmaids’ dresses

So, you’ve popped the question to your favourite girls and now you’re ready to give everyone #squadgoals on your wedding day. All you have to do is make sure all your ladies look awesome by choosing a killer bridesmaids’ dress. Sounds easy, right? Hmm, not always.

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When it comes to choosing what your girls are going to wear on your wedding day, there are a few factors to consider…

Who is paying?

Are you paying for their dresses, or are they? Perhaps you’re going halvies and paying 50% of the cost, while your girls pay the other 50%. What about shoes, accessories, hair and makeup?

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There is no right or wrong answer to the question. The point here is to consider what your/their budget is before looking at dresses. Clarify this with your bridesmaids as soon as you can, so that if they are paying for anything, they can start setting aside money now.

What is your colour scheme?

Let’s say you are loving shades of green and plan on incorporating them into your wedding decor. Consider this when selecting your bridesmaids’ dresses. This doesn’t mean their dresses HAVE to be green. In fact, if you are planning on giving them gorgeous greenery to hold instead of traditional bouquets, they probably shouldn’t wear green. What you want here is a beautiful colour contrast. Think blush pink dresses with greenery, or navy blue dresses with white roses.

What is the overall style of your wedding?

Elegant weddings call for long, ball-gown style dresses. Beach weddings are the perfect opportunity to bring out short dresses and leave the shoes at home. Maybe you’re in love with that gorgeous boho style? That would suit a woodlands, forest wedding perfectly.

Do you want all your bridesmaids to look the same?

Again, there is no right or wrong answer here. For me, it depends on how many bridesmaids you are having. I had nine, and I thought they would look ridiculous all wearing the same thing. Not only are they all beautiful in their own unique ways (and would all look beautiful in different styles), but having nine of the same dress just looks a little overdone.

Here are some options:

  1. All your girls wear the same dress in the same colour
  2. All your girls wear the same dress in different colours (or different shades of the same colour)
  3. Everyone wears a different dress in the same colour
  4. Everyone wears a different dress in different colours (or different shades of the same colour)
  5. Two types of dresses – half the girls wear one and the other half wear the other
  6. Full on mix and match

Still stuck and want some inspiration? Check out this mood board of some of my favourite bridesmaid ensembles:

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