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10 Things You Should Avoid Doing On Your Wedding Day

You’ve spent months planning your wedding day and it’s finally arrived! Take a look at the list below of things you should avoid doing on your wedding day, so you don’t get stressed out, have an unnecessary break-out, or freak-out!

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1. Set up your wedding decor

One thing that you don’t want to be doing is setting up your own wedding decor on the morning of your wedding. Wouldn’t you rather be relaxing with your girls with a glass of bubbly in your hand? If you really want to (or have to) be involved in your own wedding set up, arrange for this to be done a day or two before your wedding day, or hire a wedding coordinator. Don’t believe that this will stress you out? Check out my post on all the wedding set up things to consider:

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2. Wear your wedding shoes for the first time

Can you think of anything more uncomfortable than blistered feet from new shoes? Do yourself a favour and wear your shoes around the house for a few days before your wedding. That way, on your wedding day, your pretty shoes will be more comfortable.

3. Try a new beauty routine

To avoid an unexpected break-out, don’t try a new beauty routine on your wedding day. In fact, don’t even try one in the week leading up to your wedding. You know your skin and what works for you, so stick to your usual “cleanse, tone and moisturize” routine and don’t give in to the temptation to try the fancy facial and tanning lotion.

4. Get your hair cut or dyed

If anything goes wrong [like your hair gets cut way shorter than you imagined, or the colour you chose just doesn’t look right] there is very little you can do to fix it. Rather have a hair trial two weeks before your wedding day and include a haircut and colour in that appointment.

5. Go for a wax

You know those itchy red bumps that sometimes appear when you get your legs, bikini, armpits or face waxed? You don’t want to be dealing with those on your wedding day when you should be feeling and looking beautiful. Even if you regularly go for waxes, schedule your appointment for a few days before your wedding day.

6. Eat foods that cause bloating

Obviously, you are going to eat a delicious meal at your actual wedding. Don’t spend your wedding day pushing food around your plate when you could be celebrating over a good meal. However, if you can avoid uncomfortable bloating by eating the right things before you  walk down the aisle, go for it.

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7. Skip breakfast

Fainting, feeling dizzy, getting hangry (the kind of grumpiness that comes from hunger) or getting tipsy from one glass of champagne – you don’t want any of that. Be a good girl and eat breakfast. You’ll thank me later.

8. Wear sexy underwear if it’s uncomfortable

Some people find thongs comfortable (who are these people and how do they do this?), but if you are anything like me, your wedding day is not the day to try something just because people think it’s sexy. Wear your granny panties under your pretty dress and change into something a little more “wedding night appropriate” right before you leave your wedding reception or once you get to your hotel room. Trust me, “sexy” underwear that has been worn all day just isn’t sexy for the person wearing it or the person seeing (and smelling?) it for the first time.

9. Phone or email your wedding suppliers

This is why you hire a wedding coordinator. Someone else can be the point person who tells your suppliers where to set up and phones the ones who don’t arrive on time. This is not your job anymore.

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10. Keep checking your phone

Worried that your friends might get lost and not know how to find your wedding venue? That’s what maps are for. They should not be phoning you. Want to post some selfies on Instagram? Save it for later. Everyone you know and love is right there with you. Enjoy the moment and put your phone away.

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