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A Free “Weekly Planner” Printable

I don’t know about you but I love to be organised. I have lots of lists, journals, planners, calendars and ways of keeping on top of my admin (and some of my husband’s too). I have lots of tips on how to stay organised and the first one I’ll give you is this: use a calendar and a “to do” list. I literally could not survive without mine. Having my trusty list with me helps me to know what tasks I’ve got to do, what appointments I need to prepare for, and what I want to get done.


Your lists can be super simple or a little more detailed. I like to have a meal plan too [read all about how I plan my mealsĀ right here.]

Confession time… IĀ sometimes complete tasks that I hadn’t added to my “to do” list (it happens when you try to be efficient), and when that happens I’ll always go back and write that item on my list just so I can tick it off. It’s just so satisfying ticking something off my list. Am I alone here?

Click here for free printables

I would love to see you using your printables, so take photos of your organised self making use of the printables in your home, upload them to Instagram and tag @lovelyprettyinsta.

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