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What to do if it rains on your wedding day

The thought of rain on your wedding day may cause a lot of stress, but it really doesn’t have to. There are a few things you can do to make sure that rain doesn’t ruin your wedding day. And if you really go for it, you can embrace the rain and get some killer wedding photos!


Plan ahead

Wherever possible, plan ahead! Book a wedding venue that comes with a Plan B in case of bad weather. If you have already booked your venue and there isn’t a Plan B, hire a bedouin tent to keep your guests covered. Keep checking the weather forecast and make sure there is money in your budget for rain-related emergencies.

Give your guests advanced warning

As soon as the threat of rain appears, let your guests know that they should dress warmly and bring along an umbrella. Make use of your wedding website, email guests or ask your bridal party and family to spread the word to everyone. Some guests will still come ill-prepared so see if you can gather a few extra umbrellas for them.

Rain - guests bring umbrellas

Photo credit: Rhinehart Photography

Keep warm

Put on your wellington boots, grab some blankets and have warm drinks ready for guests when they arrive. Do whatever you can to stay warm and keep your guests cosy and comfortable.

Rain - boots.png

Photo credit: Carolyn Bentum

Photos – make a Plan B

Chat to your wedding coordinator and photographer and see if you can slip out for your wedding portraits sometime during your wedding when the rain stops. If the rain doesn’t stop, see if your photographer would be willing to book a slot with you after your honeymoon where you could put on your wedding outfits and have your portraits taken on a clearer day.

Photos – embrace the rain! 

If all else fails, why not go with the flow and embrace the rain? Here are some beautiful rainy wedding photos that will have you holding thumbs that it does rain on your wedding day:

Photo credits:

  1. Ivan Zamanuhin
  2. Masha S
  3. Jody Thai
  4. Ariel Renae
  5. Elegant Union
  6. Aislinn Kate
  7. Sarah Rhoads
  8. Revival Photography
  9. Jon Schaaf
  10. Valo Photography
  11. Andrew Jade

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