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How To Choose Your Wedding MC

A wedding MC is the person who will make all the necessary announcements that keep guests informed as to what is happening throughout the course of the wedding. I have seen my fair share of really great MCs as well as those who really shouldn’t have been chosen.

My first piece of advice: your MC should be someone special to you. Don’t hire a “professional” MC. Rather choose someone who is on your bridal party, related to you, or a really close friend who knows you both very well.


Meet my MCs: Glen’s sister, Lauren and my brother, Matthew. Photo by Love Made Visible.

In order to know who to choose as your wedding MC, it might be helpful for you to know exactly what an MC is supposed to do.

What does a wedding MC do?

  1. If you are not hiring a wedding planner or coordinator, your MC needs to be very organised. A wedding coordinator will check that the champagne has been poured before speeches commence, but if you don’t have one, then the MC will take on that responsibility. Other “on the day” jobs like that may be required in order for the evening to flow well.
  2. The MC will do the official welcome at the start of the reception and needs to be very well informed as to how the evening is meant to flow. Choose someone who you can trust to stick to the timeline and keep things on track (again, having a wedding coordinator will help with this, but if you don’t have one, your MC will need to check his/her watch often).
  3. Your MC needs to know who is doing the speeches. A really good MC will have a fun, short and sweet introduction for each person doing a speech. This person doesn’t necessarily have to know everyone doing a speech, but knowing the difference between the father of the bride and the father of the groom is a good start.
  4. Choose someone who is a confident speaker and able to grab everyone’s attention. While your guests are happily chatting away, your MC will need to command the room and make the necessary announcements that help the evening flow perfectly.
  5. Make sure you select someone who won’t neglect his/her responsibilities. The person you choose will need to be focused throughout the wedding and can’t afford to get caught up in conversation or overdo it with the drinking.
  6. Your MC should be polite and easy to speak to. Being the “face” of the bridal party, your MC will probably have a lot of people coming up to him/her and asking questions about how the rest of the evening will run. It is important that you choose someone who is happy to help out in this regard.


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