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Why We Didn’t Have Flowers At Our Wedding [And How We Pulled It Off!]

Let me begin by saying that Glen and I love flowers. In fact, we always have flowers in our house and Glen is especially in love with the scent of Jasmine.

The season

We chose to get married in Autumn with a pink and gold woodlands theme. Our goal was to go all out and that meant that we could eliminate the usually hefty price tag that wedding flower arrangements come with. If you are wanting to get married in Spring and you want flowers to be a big part of your decor, I say go for it!

Beautiful autumn leaves outside our wedding venue
Beautiful autumn leaves outside our wedding venue

Bouquet alternatives

There are lots of cool ideas of ways you could have a bouquet that isn’t necessarily made out of flowers. I opted for Eucalyptus leaves for myself and my bridesmaids while the boys had an assortment of beautiful leaves as their pins. Glen’s mom made all the bouquets and pins and she totally got my vision!

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It’s usually within the centrepieces that a lack of flowers is noticeable. We chose to add some more greenery by putting our wedding favours on the tables. As a “thank you” for celebrating with us we gave our guests a tree to take home. Those trees lined the tables and created a sort of forest look within our rustic venue. People loved them!

Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-495 Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-497 Glen_Kelly_lovemadevisible-731

Name cards

We really went with it and added more Autumn inspiration to our decor by using bark for our name cards. Another great idea courtesy of Glen’s mom!


Gold leaves

Our focus on leaves was a theme that really tied together the decor, accessories, the season and the incredible venue. I had a gold leaf headpiece and a matching bangle, we had a gold leaf backdrop to our ceremony, and additional gold leaves were placed in strategic parts of our venue. 





Gold deer

A woodlands wedding would be incomplete without some beautiful deer. So, we collected deer figurines and spraypainted them gold.


When we look back on our wedding decor and colours we can see that it was all very “us”. That’s what made it so special. If flowers are very “you” then have as many of them as you can! The aim is to have a wedding that celebrates your love so allow the decor to show off a little bit of your personalities.


All photos by Love Made Visible

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