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Pink & Gold Woodlands Wedding [Mood Board]

Creating a mood board is so easy these days because Pinterest is full of incredible photos and creative ideas. As a wedding planner, I find it easier to really “get” a bride’s vision if she shows me her mood board. Being able to see photos of what a bride is picturing is the best way for me to take her ideas and put them into action.

Our wedding, perfectly captured by Love Made Visible.
Our wedding, perfectly captured by Love Made Visible.

So, when Glen and I were planning our wedding, I had a secret Pinterest board that I used to store some of my ideas. I think it’s time to show you some of the things that inspired us to create a pink and gold woodlands wedding. Feel free to have a look at how it all turned out by seeing photos from our wedding here.

Pink & Gold Woodlands Wedding Mood Board

Woodlands 1 Woodlands 2 Woodlands 3 Woodlands 4 Woodlands 5 Woodlands 6 Woodlands 7 Woodlands 8 Woodlands 9 Woodlands 10 Woodlands 11 Woodlands 12 Woodlands 13 Woodlands 14 Woodlands 15 Woodlands 16 Woodlands 17 Woodlands 18 Woodlands 19 Woodlands 20 Woodlands 21 Woodlands 22 Woodlands 23 Woodlands 24 Woodlands 25 Woodlands 26 Woodlands 27 Woodlands 28 Woodlands 29 Woodlands 30 Woodlands 31 Woodlands 32



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  1. Dale Hartmann says:

    Wow, Kelly, you were able to incorporate so many of those ideas into your wedding and even take some ideas up a notch or two! Well done, you are so creative!

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